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Reliable online betting that provides stable income from the positive outcomes of sports bets and the effectiveness of investing in each contract.


The main sports that we use in betting.
  • Football

    Bets on the outcome of football matches in different leagues and tournaments give the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of such events and therefore always remain a higher-priority type of betting.
  • Basketball

    The high popularity of this sport in the world especially in the Asian and Latin American countries as well as the constantly developing infrastructure give additional chances for successful betting.
  • The leader of betting in North America, Israel and Turkey. Stable cash flows and high ratios provide ample opportunities for placing bets and making profits.


  • Tennis is exposed to analytics on the targeted outcomes of matches to the maximum extent possible. Along with popularity around the world it makes this sport very profitable for betting.


Online betting from Clixamo Bet is the constant use of any opportunities and chances in full extent.


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  • Daily / Total profit: 3% / 150%
  • Investment period: 50 days
  • Investment amount: $10-$10,000 / BTC 0.005 - 3.6
  • Refund of a deposit: Included to payments

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